Latest Performance Info

I have some new performance dates to share with you!

On Tuesday May 3 Aziza Nawal will perform at the legendary 40 Watt Club in Athens!!!

Taverna Plaka
2196 Cheshire Bridge Rd. Atlanta
Performance dates:Friday May 6; Saturdays: April 30, May 14 & 21; Thursday May 5 & Sunday May 8

Imane Moroccan Restaurant
3455 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Ste. 840 Duluth
Performance dates: May 7 & 13

Fanoos Restaurant – May 20

February Performance Calendar

Friday February 4 & 11 – Taverna Plaka 2196 Cheshire Bridge Rd. Atlanta

Saturday February 5 & 18 – Imane Moroccan Restaurant 3455 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Ste. 840 Duluth

Saturday February 12 & 19 – Taverna Plaka

Join Aziza Nawal for Valentine’s Day at Imane Moroccan Restaurant

On Sunday February 20 – Aziza Nawal will perform with the Awalim Dance Company at Cafe Istanbul

Friday February 24 – Aziza Nawal will perform with Awalim Dance Company at Tribal Con

2012 Class Schedule

Aziza Nawal will be moving her classes to a new location!

New 8 Week Session begins Wednesday January 11
7pm – All levels technique
8pm – Inter/Adv level technique and choreography

Registration now open – contact Muse for Life for more information

Muse for Life
205 Hilderbrand Drive
Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328
(404) 943-1063

$15 for drop-ins. Discounts available on multiple classes with membership.

New Classes Start Next Week

2011 Class Schedule

Learn the fundamentals of the art of belly dance from multi-award winning instructor Aziza Nawal. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, you can learn technique, choreography, props and more – all while getting a nice workout and toning your body.

Tuesdays 7:00 – 8:00pm
Tools for Improv and Choreography
Intermediate to Advanced level class.
Tools for choreography and improvisation. Learn how to improve your performances by learn combinations and transitions for a smooth improv or choreographed performance. This is a Level 2 class – some previous study in Middle Eastern Dance preferred.

New session begins January 11
Drop-ins are welcome
$12 drop in per class, pay as you go
6 Classes for $60

Call Pera Dance Studios to register – (404) 355-0807
1015 Collier Road NW Ste B
Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Wednesdays 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Belly Dance Essentials!
All levels welcome. Learn essential core technique for Middle Eastern Dance/Belly Dance with intense drills.

Wednesdays 8:00pm – 9:00pm
Advanced Choreography
Wednesdays 8:00pm
Learn elements of creating a full Egyptian style opening routine referred to as ‘mis-en-scene’ by applying step combinations to specific rhythms.

New session begins January 12
Cost: $15 Drop-in, class cards available for multiple classes

Pasofino Studios – 770-518-7276
8610 Roswell Road Suite 910
Sandy Springs, Georgia 30350

Happy New Year

I hope my family and friends have a wonderful holiday season and a safe and happy New Year’s Celebration. I will be performing at Taverna Plaka again this year with fellow dancer Inara. DJ Amix will be playing some great Arabic, Persian, Greek and European dance mix throughout the night! I am really looking forward to it.

For the past 16 years I have been in love with belly dance, Danse orientale, Raqs Sharqi – so many names for  a single activity that has given me great joy. NYE is one of my favorite holidays – I like the feeling of starting something new, trying to change bad habits, trying to live life a little better, learning a new hobby or skill – all of these things are inspired by a new year. So what better way to celebrate than by performing the art I love.

I have had many wonderful New Year’s gigs – in my first year as a professional belly dancer, I worked in a restaurant in Atlanta near Little Five Points called the Casbah. I shared the evening with one of my mentors, Zhaleh Fereshteh – I had such a wonderful time with her that weekend. She stayed at my place – we performed at Casbah – where I debuted my double sword routine and shemedan. I was fairly ambitious with the props in those days. On New year’s Day, Zhaleh and I went shopping to Gail K. Fabrics and Texas Saree Sapne – the funny thing is I still wear the outfit I bought at the Saree shop but that fabric I got at Gail’s never became the project I intended – oh well!

A few years later I had left the Casbah in Atlanta and was without a real “home” for performing. I did work at various restaurants in the area but I really wanted to be some place special for New Year’s Eve. My first instructor, Layla Katrina, had moved to Savannah, Georgia where another Casbah Moroccan Restaurant had opened. She wanted to leave town during the  holidays and offered me the gig in her absence.  I was ecstatic – it is a very beautiful venue, plenty of space for props and since it is a bit touristy, the patrons were always up for the experience. So my boyfriend at the time convinced me to shoot a performance video during the trip. Mark had been to film school in L.A. and really helped me complete the project – which was grueling but very rewarding.

Over a four day period including NYE, we filmed my live performances at night as well as staged performances in the restaurant during the day.  We had rented lights and hired another videographer for the shoot. I was so stressed out on the first day, a GIANT cold sore appeared on my upper lip. It was so bad that first day, Mark nearly canceled the entire shoot – of course he didn’t tell me this at the time – but the next day after treating it with modern medicine, the sore was barely noticeable.

At one point during an evening shoot, Mark thought it would be a great idea to have me perform one of my choreographies in front of an old movie theatre that was a block away from The Casbah. It had a magnificent entrance – full of lights beneath the marquis. So after one of my sets, the three of us headed out into the cold with a camera and a boom box. We had to wait until just the right time since Mark had to film from across the street. The other videographer picked up a side shot we could use if a car drove in front of Mark. I think we managed to get it done in two takes.  If memory serves I got really sick the next day and managed to get a ‘day off’ from the staged restaurant filming but that night we were back at it for the live performance.

I was really happy with the video though we never quite finished the DVD. It was right at the time when DVDs had begun to monopolize the video market – I create VHS copies but we had so many grand ideas for the DVD motion menu and special features that never got realized.  One day I do plan to re-visit this project.

Those are the first two in my list of wonderful NYE gigs stay tuned for more!