Atlanta Area Professional Belly Dancer
Atlanta Area Professional Belly Dancer


When I took my first belly dance class in 1995 at Georgia State University, I began a love affair with an art form that has allowed me to  enrich my life in ways I never imagined. I have met so many wonderful people over the years and have had the pleasure of studying with wonderful teachers.

Here is a list of my foundation mentors:
Aziz – Utah
Cassandra – Minnesota
Hadia – Montreal
Jillina – CA
Layla Katrina – HI
Raqia Hassan – Egypt
Zhaleh Fereshteh – FL

Nadia Gamal made one of the biggest impacts on me when I started studying video footage from dancers “over there”. Her personality and commanding stage presence together with fantastic musical interpretation – wow! Sadly, she left us before I could see her in person. Read this article about her written by American dance legend Suhaila.

These teachers that have also benefited my education  greatly:

Fifi Abdou
Mahmoud Reda
Mohamed Shahin
Nagwa Fouad
Rachael Brice
Zahra Zuhair
Ziah Ali